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AFS-HT Material Benchmark Analysis For Fireproof and High Temperature Areas

Main advantage for the industry: Weight Reduction, Complex shapes in one part Price of production in AS-HT innovative material equivalent to traditional solutions

fireproof benchmarks

mechanical properties*Source: NASA    **thermal abatement with 2,5 mm thickness  = ~700°C

AS-HT can be used for manufacturing of various components requiring:

  • Iso 2685 and FAA AC20/135 compliants for aeronautic applications
  • FTP Code A60 for naval applications
  • EN 45545 rail applications

The Materials

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  • Can be shaped  all in one
  • Combination of features

The qualities of each material

On the market

An advanced nano-composite material at a competitive price, which has been authorized for export.

Business Cases: when materials are critical for evolution

Two main ingredients in every field of industrial technological  development:



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freccia blu destraThrough the use of its innovative materials, AS is able to promote radical changes in industrial products. Both in very demanding sectors in terms of products certification - like aerospace - and in very competitive sectors - like automotive -

Recent EXAMPLES of AS business cases


Possible use of AS Nanotech for Aeronautical Applications 

Electromagnetic shield

Nano-material for EMI Shielding

  • ES capability as Al alloy
  • Ideal for Distribution box and Electronic equipment

Sound absorbing

Nano-material for sound- absorbing

  • High absorption capability over the whole band
  • Structural
  • Fire-resistant (if needed)
  • Ideal for interior’s comfort and safety

High temperature

Nano-material for High-Temperature:

  • Fire-resistant (up to 1200°C)
  • compliant to ISO 2685
  • Low density (1.250 kg/m3)

Suitable for:

  • Fuselage
  • Tail cone
  • Interiors
  • Engine Ducts
  • Nacelles
  • Bleed ducts

More Industries: light and sturdy structures with additional qualities


  • High Temperature shielding & Sound Absorbing



  • Brakes system
  • Compressor area
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Chassis
  • Battery protection in electric cars


Hospital & bio-medical  

  • Fireproof Hospitals
  • External Prothesis
  • Exoskeletons


  • Electromagnetic shield
  • High temperature



  • Structural
  • Fire-resistant (up to 1200°C)
  • Light weight
  • Sound absorbing

Suitable for Carbodies, Floors, Interiors, Axles


  • Fire protection floors, walls and doors
  • Low temperature conductivity

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