Aeronautical Service


As can supply the following services:

  • Composite Integration Engineering
  • Build to print activity
  • Laboratory testing
  • High temperature testing and treatments 

The Engineering expertise

  • Multifunction composite design
  • FEM analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Vibrations analysis
  • Aerodynamic analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • CAD 3D design
  • CFD analysis
  • Driver for CFD+Stress
  • RCS analysis

The Engineering Software Tools

  • SAP software management system
  • Altair Hyperworks (pre-post processing environment, topological optimizer - Optistruct)
  • Femap (general purpose pre-post processing environment)
  • NASTRAN (linear / nonlinear statics, dynamics – including normal modes, FRF, shock, random and transient response, lienar / nonlinear buckling, thermal, superelements, parametric optimization)
  • ABAQUS (non-linear statics and buckling)
  • FEDEM (flexible multi-body simulation environment, including control system coupling and integrated fatigue simulation)
  • FEMTools (CAE / Test correlation and optimization)
  • Fluent (3D full Navier-Stokes thermal and CFD solver)
  • Tdyn (3D full Navier-Stokes thermal and CFD solver)
  • Laminate Tools (design-analysis-manufacturing integration of laminated composite designs)
  • WinLife (fatigue life prediction)
  • Radioss (non-linear explicit solver)
  • DEP Meshworks / DEP Morpher (advanced meshing and morphing environment)

Materials end of life: the recycling process

AS is committed to optimize the environment sustainability. The end-of-life of the materials is an important theme which requires attentive solutions. 


Technologies, processes and materials for innovative platforms
Solutions that solve problems in an efficient and innovative way
A technological breakthrough at a competitive price