The Company

Aeronautical Services

Technologies, processes and materials for innovative platforms

AS, an excellence in innovation:

  • Engineering in composites
  • Development and IP ownership of new materials fully charaterized
  • High quality composite manufacturing
  • R&D consultancy and laboratory testing


Enhance, through the use of new materials, the technical turnaround of companies that are already outstanding technology players. Contribute to a lighter and safer world. 

The Industrial & Laboratory equipments 

  • 5.000 sqm total area
  • 1.200 sqm covered
  • N° 4 high temperature pyrolysis furnaces
  • Clean room for composite manufacturing
  • N° 2 autoclaves
  • Impregnating machine
  • Automatic resin dispenser
  • Ultrasonic mixer
  • Plies placement, PlyMatch
  • Freezer for prepregs storage
  • Non Destructive Inspections, Krautkramer USM35X DAC LEMO
  • Universal Testing Machine Instron 5582 (-55°C / 250 °C)
  • DEA Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • DSC Perkin Elmer 
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Impact testing machine
  • Climate Chamber

Innovative Process for AS-HT Material (unique for a pre-ceramic material)

AS Innovative Composite Materials production process is similar to traditional organic composite process. And the same tools and machinery can be used.


Marescotti Ruspoli, President / Business  Director

Marescotti has been active as a serial entrepreneur setting up small companies and selling them. With Ki Energy srl he developed a business model for the use of innovative technology  applied to 0 km waste to energy and cogeneration. With Yaky Ltd and Italian Woodcraft Ltd he  produced furniture in Asia for the hotel furnishing industry. With Walton HK Ltd he established a successful joint venture in Shanghai for the production of Italian-technology-based two wheelers. He enhanced his technical and engineering experience with So.Sv.I., carrying on industrial plants maintenance in North Africa. As far as his financial experience, Marescotti participated as an advisor in M&A processes for an aggregated value of c. €900 million. Prior to collaborating with Aeronautical Service, he matured several years of industrial experience at Piaggio, working in international marketing and as a Managing Director of the Asian branch, based in Hong Kong. Before, he spent time at Accenture working on several projects in the banking area, was an Assistant Professor of Economic History at the University of Rome and an Officer with the Italian paratroops employed in peace keeping missions in Lebanon. Marescotti graduated in Economics, summa cum laude, from the University of Rome, La Sapienza in 1989

Kris Bordignon, CEO

CEO, Founder and main shareholder of the company. Kris graduated in Geophysics and Engineering,  has a Master of Science in Nano composites for aerospace application and a IASD ( Istituto Alti Studi per la Difesa) Master degree. Driven by his passion for technology, physics and chemistry, he participated to advanced aerospace projects in the USA. Back in Italy, he was board member and CTO of aerospace companies and scientific  advisor to Alenia Aermacchi and to the Italian Airforce Chief of Staff. Kris then set up a team of excellence for the development of advanced materials and the engineering of special solutions for the defense sector (Aircraft, Naval, ballistic).

Jean Marc Janailhac, Director

Mr. Jean-Marc Janailhac is a Senior Advisor at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Europe) Limited. He was previously the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gruppo Zilio. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at Veolia Environmental Services South Europe. Mr. Janailhac has been an Independent Director of Greentech Energy Systems A/S since October 15, 2010. He serves as a Director ... of Tecnoboigo SPA, Fabiegue SA and of Eneris SA. He received his undergraduate degree from École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris and a graduate degree from the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale.

The Qualifications – Top in the market

Aeronautical Service has top quality cerifications for the product and the process:

  • AS is an Italian Innovative PMI
  • AS management winned the 2004 JEC Composite Award, Construction Category
  • Every process is UNI EN 9100:2016 CERTIFIED
  • Every process is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED
  • Ceramic Matrix Composite Prepreg manufacturing process qualification
  • AS adopted an internal model of organization and management for the ethical and penal responsibility (ex d.lgs. n. 231/2001)

Aeronautical Service is one of the few companies worldwide qualified for the production of ceramic composite materials for the aerospace industry
Aeronautical Service winned in 2019 the World Materials Forum prestigious “Coup de Coeur” award

Technologies, processes and materials for innovative platforms